Any grand cause of all people with diligence and wisdom to create out of. 20 years ago, we start empty-handed, and the Beijing water company, Beijing Architectural Design Institute, Beijing water saving office and Beijing universities to form resultant force, the establishment of the Yixing City Jiangnan water equipment factory, the main water environmental protection. Come 20 years, our unremitting self-improvement, dare try to be the first, and constantly go beyond the self, to create a has five characteristics of technology, more than 50kinds of products of the strength of the company, with a number of design institutes, universities cooperation successful cooperation; products are exported to domestic and foreign, project performance throughout the country, and achieved good social benefits, environmental benefits and economic benefits. In the future development of the road, we may also encounter a lot of bumpy, but no matter what, nothing can stop us from moving forward.The person is working on the premise. We always pay attention to reputation, pay attention to in the world to establish friendly relations of cooperation a win-win situation. We are deeply grateful for, in the past years friends from all walks of life focused attention and support, we also sincerely hope that, in the broader field with more friends together, common prosperity.
Director: Wang Xiqing

" Twenty years of storms bumpy, twenty years of hardships", science and technology to create brilliant, honesty molded future!In the past ten years, we and China North China Municipal Engineering Design and Research Institute, Central South design and Research Institute of Southeast University, Shanghai, Fudan University and other scientific research units in close cooperation, research and development of a number of new products, new technology, and in a number of projects have the desired effect, particularly in the landfill leachate wastewater treatment process we summarize lessons, lessons experience, become an independent school, solves the leachate of the high concentration organic wastewater treatment problem, the construction of a large number of projects, so that enterprises have developed by leaps and bounds.Under the current economic crisis, enterprises should integrate into the society, social responsibility, the enterprise 's healthy." Integrity, innovation,100years profit", will always be our program, we in the practice of responsibility at the same time, the team to maintain a good attitude, make the program of distant view target, and towards this goal! Share share share sunlight, green, do poineering work to us all, open up a new milepost!
General manager: Tang Shuijiang
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